Since 1982, I have been compiling, researching and developing my family's genealogy, with all its various branches, all the while becoming a student of the history which has so affected this family - the migrations, mostly.  

          This time of change we now live in is put into perspective when the last 100, 200, 300 years and more are examined through our ancestor's eyes.  

          As witness to this compilation of people and their histories, our Montgomery Family History, it becomes evident how and why people have emigrated, migrated, and moved on in pursuit of their happiness, how they have grown in the arms and love of . . . Family.

          The photo at right conjures thoughts of the road ahead for future generations and the road behind of past generations.  

          Wherever you've been, wherever you're going, the light shines.  

          Optimism abounds!"

                                               W.J. Montgomery

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A labor of love and learning . . . 
A Montgomery Family Genealogy
As recorded and developed by W.J. Montgomery